As tattooing and body art becomes more and more a part of popular culture and as the language of art continues to tear down boundaries and walls between people of different cultures and colors, sexes, and creeds. We intend to stay at the forefront of this artistic revolution and fight for every human right for individualism and artistic expression. 

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What Makes Us Unique

Relaxed, NEVER rushed

We take the time with every customer to see all his or her options in a relaxed, never rushed atmosphere to ensure you're getting exactly what you want every time.

Lobby in early 2015

A Bit of Our History

Our Services
Giving YOU what you want

We combine our artists undying creativity with your vision to create your perfect tattoo. We will always take the time to listen to your needs and show every option before you decide the tattoo that's right for you. You always get exactly what you want at The Ink Link Tattoo co.     

In 2014, Bille Hinnant and Kristopher Vecera (Alaska) got together and started asking people what it is that they didn't like about the tattoo industry and they all said the same thing. The general consensus was that tattoo shops in general, didn't treat people with good customer service. They just all together weren't enjoying their experience. So they set out to open a shop that would change all of that. Sadly soon after opening in 2015, Alaska passed away and is no longer with us, therefore in his honor and memory, we strive to keep his dream and vision of  excellence alive. 

Why Choose Us?

Satisfaction GUARANTEE 

We back every tattoo with a lifetime guarantee, that means if it fades or heals poorly, we will fix it FREE OF CHARGE. With our competitive prices that's a win, win for you!


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